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What is Cerebrata?

Cerebrata is a cross-platform desktop tool for managing the Azure Resources under one roof. It facilitates working on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. Over the last few years, Microsoft has built excellent tooling around different technologies. Today, everything is available in one place – the Azure Portal. With Cerebrata, these Azure technologies can be efficiently managed and maintained across various platforms.

Trusted by 1000+ Azure Developers and IT Pros from around the world, including Microsoft Azure MVPs, to boost their Microsoft Azure productivity.


Youngjae Kim

Microsoft Azure MVP

“Essential tool to give mind-safe management experience for Azure. If you are using Azure CosmosDB or Search, this is the only tool to allow you to manage them like a boss!”

Kieron Lanning


“Cerulean has been the saving grace of our team's day to day workload. From helping to debug data within Redis Cache, to quickly and easily seeing the poor performing operations via the SLOWLOG. The Cosmos DB integration also makes querying and checking data a simple task! This tool has saved us days over the short time we've had it. Thank-you!”

What makes Cerebrata great?

Cerebrata goes beyond other Azure management tools by providing a lots of additional features and utilities beside providing basic functionality and features provided by other tools. These features and utilities in Cerebrata make you as a developer more productive as you don't have to write code or your own applications to implement these features.

Some of the features and utilities provided in Cerebrata are:

  • Explore resources in read-only/read-write mode.
  • Assign friendly names to resources.
  • Assign categories to the resources.
  • Application behavior fully customizable.

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